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Even with a commitment to diet and exercise, stubborn areas of fat can prevent you from having the body you want. Body-sculpting services offered by board-certified OB/GYN Regina Kaufmann, MD, and Nurse Practitioner Becky Hayes of BodyWise Specialists make unwanted fat disappear for good. Call the office in Indialantic and Melbourne, Florida, or book online to learn about the noninvasive and minimally invasive options that include CoolSculpting®, Renuvion® J-Plasma™, and Lipo.

Body Sculpting

How does CoolSculpting® work?

CoolSculpting literally freezes and kills fat cells that sit beneath your skin. The treatment penetrates your outer layer of skin and causes damage only to the fat cells that lie underneath. These cells reach a temperature at which they can longer survive and your body disposes of them through natural detox processes.

CoolSculpting is noninvasive, requiring no injections, sutures, or downtime. Areas that respond well to CoolSculpting treatments include the:

  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Love handles
  • Underside of the buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Upper arms
  • Double chin

When you come in for a consultation, discuss the areas of your body that you hope to sculpt to determine if CoolSculpting is the right procedure for you. The team can develop a comprehensive CoolSculpting plan for your goals. One or more treatments may be recommended.

What is Renuvion® J-Plasma™?

Renuvion J-Plasma technology combines helium with radio frequency to create energy that prompts significant tightening of sagging tissue in areas such as the abdomen, arms, waist, thighs, face, and neck. 

When used for neck tightening, Renuvion combines traditional neck liposuction and Renuvion J-Plasma technology to establish a well-defined neck and jawline without a surgical facelift. Renuvion works beneath the skin, treating under its surface. This stimulates collagen production and shrinking of the skin which results in the desired tightening to freshen the neck contour. 

During Renuvion J-Plasma treatments, you’ll be placed under general or local anesthesia, depending on the extent of your treatment. Recovery is quick and the results are dramatic. The procedure is safe, precise, and effective.

What liposuction options are available for body sculpting?

At BodyWise Specialists, the team offers two revolutionary liposuction options: Smartlipo™ and VASERlipo®.


Smartlipo is unlike other laser body-sculpting procedures. The technology causes fat cells to burst, so they can’t swell up again or regenerate. It requires just one treatment and minimal downtime. Choose Smartlipo if you have fat deposits and loose skin in areas such as your neck, thighs, or upper arms. Two wavelengths of energy break down fat cells in these areas and tighten the skin to give you superior body-sculpting results.


VASERlipo removes persistent fat deposits to change the shape and contours of your physique. The procedure uses ultrasound technology to break down fat cells. These fat cells are then suctioned out using a cannula and vacuum device. VASERlipo carries minimal downtime but delivers effective body-sculpting results.

With the variety of body-sculpting technology offered at BodyWise Specialists, you’re sure to achieve the body you desire. Call the office or book an appointment using this website to have a custom treatment plan developed for your physique goals.