SmartLipo MPX


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Understanding SmartLipo MPX

The FDA-approved SmartLipo workstation used by physicians to liposuction excess fat and shape the human body is now in its second iteration as SmartLipo MPX. Due to the enhanced outcomes and shortened recovery times from the surgery, SmartLipo in all of its versions is quite popular. The cutting-edge laser technology reduces discomfort, bruising, and swelling while exposing the body’s smooth, aesthetically attractive features. Less physical trauma is caused by the SmartLipo MPX’s small, thin cannulas, and the coagulation impact on blood vessels reduces bleeding.

Dual laser technology is a more advanced kind of laser-assisted liposuction by SmartLipo MPX, which stands for “MultiPlex” technology. This refers to the two laser wavelengths that physicians can individually adjust for skin tightening and fat reduction. ThermaGuide and SmartSense’s delivery system channel the energy wavelengths for more protection, and the laser output’s increased energy power helps shorten treatment times. Technologies for thermal detection and motion control provide outcomes for body contouring that are safer and more dependable. The combined laser effectively dissolves the fat and causes tissue to coagulate by utilizing photomechanical and thermal processes.

Procedure of SmartLipo MPX

Patients only require local anesthetic for treatments with SmartLipo MPX, lowering risks and consequences. Under the patient’s skin, a thin metal cannula tube (1-2 mm thick, about the size of a pen tip) is inserted. Through the use of fiber, the laser energy is directed into the fat cells that need to be removed, where it causes them to burst and dissolve. A hollow cannula is then used to suck the changed fat from the body. Instantaneous coagulation of the tiny blood vessels enhances hemostasis and tightens skin tissue. The dermis responds to laser radiation by contracting.

The two wavelengths of laser radiation are utilized to cause tissue coagulation, commonly known as damage, which causes collagen to contract and stimulates new collagen formation. The laser breaks up the septa bands that cause dimpling from fat deposits, and this cellular injury causes the tissue to contract. The 1,064nm wavelength laser is fired first in the MultiPlex mode, with the energy being uniformly distributed throughout the fat tissue. The following laser pulse, with a wavelength of 1,320 nm, changes hemoglobin into methemoglobin. For efficient lipolysis, this laser is strongly absorbed by the water used in the liposuction procedure.

SmartLipo MPX


With SmartLipo MPX, recovery interventions typically last 45 to 60 minutes per treated region, depending on the locations and the amount of fat to remove. A small percentage of patients could require pain medication to treat discomfort. Patients who have SmartLipo treatment can resume light activities nearly immediately, can return to work in a matter of days, and can resume typical activities within two weeks due to the little bleeding, bruising, and recovery time. For up to two weeks, some patients may have edema or bruising.

The use of small punctures during SmartLipo MPX enables faster anesthetic solution open drainage. No stitches are required for closure, and scarring is minimal. The initial incisions, around 3 millimeters thick, should be healed without scabs in 2-4 weeks, and the pimple-like markings should go away in 3–12 months.

During recovery, patients are required to wear a compression garment, and bandages are taken off 2 weeks after the treatment. You should start to see benefits in two to three weeks, and three months later, the ultimate tightening of the contours should be evident. Results do vary.


Smaller fat deposits and heating of wide tissue for decreased bleeding, areas of skin laxity, and bruising are the most successful uses of SmartLipo MPX. Candidates for general liposuction include those in good health, routinely exercise, are within 25 pounds of their optimum weight, and have fat deposits in certain parts of their bodies that cannot be eliminated by diet and exercise. It is perfect for getting rid of fat from the arms, the tummy, the knees, the breasts, the neck, and the jawline. These trouble areas include love handles, neck, belly, inner thigh, outer thigh, and arm fat. Call today for a consultation to see if SmartLipo MPX is the perfect solution for your stubborn fat.