Juvederm: What is it?

One of the most famous lines of dermal fillers available today is called Juvederm Ultra. They have a product that many people, including Kylie Jenner, think is the best lip filler on the market. Millions of individuals use Juvederm’s FDA-approved dermal fillers yearly to improve their lips, repair facial creases and folds, and shape and restore the bottom third of their faces.

Hyaluronic acid, a chemical that naturally occurs in human connective tissue, skin, and joints and helps maintain moisturized and plump tissues, is the active component in Juvederm fillers. A humectant, hyaluronic acid gives the skin more volume and transports nutrients, assisting in maintaining its smoothness and hydration. Juvederm quickly adds volume to the skin when injected into the area.

Juvederm has undoubtedly established a name for itself in cosmetic fillers. Many Juvederm products can restore lost volume and moisturize the skin from the inside out because they are largely made of hyaluronic acid (HA). This chemical naturally occurs in the skin.

However, a fast Google search for “Juvederm” can confuse people more than it clarifies. You see, there are numerous variations on the original Juvederm formula, each with a distinct aim. We’ll examine the distinctions between two extremely popular dermal fillers to assist you in choosing which one will best meet your aesthetic objectives.

Basic Differences

With Juvederm, the treatment area increases volume and has a more supple, elastic, and youthful overall appearance as HA draws and holds on to adjacent water molecules. Customers have long used Juvederm XC to rejuvenate the face, smooth the skin, and reverse the early signs of facial aging. It is ideal for filling fine lines and mild to moderate facial wrinkles at the mid-face. This well-liked injectable, which contains 0.3 percent lidocaine, enables a quick, simple, and nearly painless procedure.

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC performs better due to its much thicker composition. The deeper lines and creases at the midface and lower facial, such as those that run along the nasolabial folds or from the outside corners of the lips to the chin, are typically filled in with this injectable. Juvederm Ultra Plus XC’s improved consistency allows for a wider range of uses.

Choosing Juvederm Ultra Plus When Restoring Lost Facial Volume

Juvederm XC is typically the best option if you’re new to fillers and want to remedy mild to moderate volume loss and creasing. This mild solution works incredibly well to reverse early facial aging and is often less expensive per syringe. Juvederm XC can persist for up to a year, depending on the area treated and the quantity of the injectable injected into the skin. Furthermore, it can accomplish this without the need for touch-up procedures.

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC may require more severe volume loss and deeper facial wrinkling. Patients who have used Juvederm XC successfully but can no longer achieve the same results are commonly advised to try this product.

Many people need the superior lifting properties that this thicker injectable lifting capabilities tout as facial age progresses and more natural volume is lost. Juvederm Ultra Plus XC may be suggested even if you’ve never used an injectable dermal filler before, if your static wrinkling is severe or if volume loss is substantial.

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC is the best option when extensive volume loss has left obvious hollows at the cheekbones or loose, drooping skin. Like Juvederm XC, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC has a one-year shelf life. However, after nine months, it might be required for certain individuals to get touch-up injections.

Juvederm Ultra Plus May Be Used For Additional Cosmetic Purposes

Doctors and aestheticians are increasingly able to do non-surgical lip augmentation with gorgeous and long-lasting effects because of dermal filler technologies. Juvederm XC cannot be used in these procedures due to its thinner consistency. However, the lips can be plumped, contoured, and reshaped using Juvederm Ultra Plus XC securely and efficiently.

Juvederm XC is a far less invasive option for folks who are thinking about having surgical cheek implants. This premium filler can offer many of the same advantages as cheek implants with natural-looking results by lifting and volumizing this midface area.

  • Lips – Dermal fillers allow many people to get the beautiful pouty lips they desire.
  • Non-surgical nose jobs can be performed by injecting HA Fillers into the nasal bridge to give the face a more elegant and svelte appearance. This is a fantastic alternative for people with unsightly bumps or irregularities on their noses.
  • Fillers can also be utilized to soften the appearance of recessed acne scars.
  • Lines and Creases – Filling in fine lines and creases on the face, such as the nasolabial folds, is one of the most popular uses for these dermal fillers, and this can plump the skin and lessen the signs of aging.
  • Hollow/Black Under Eyes – Some individuals frequently develop dark circles under their eyes due to different genetic, medical, or aging-related alterations. Some patients may experience a revitalized and more youthful appearance after using fillers.

Test Juvederm on Your Own

Our aim at Bodywise Specialists is to assist each patient in locating the ideal cosmetic solutions and treatments for their particular needs and objectives. We can help you create the ideal treatment plan for your needs, whether you want to redefine and plump your lips or volumize and revitalize your mid-face non-surgically. To find out if Juvederm fillers are the perfect choice for you, call us at 321-729-4243 or make an appointment.