Why Juvederm Ultra XC Can Help You Look Younger

Most of us want safe and effective ways to take years off our appearance without the dangers of cosmetic surgery. Everywhere we look, there are products that promise younger-looking skin. However, how do you select the best treatment for you?

At Bodywise, our licensed aesthetic professionals have the knowledge and experience in anti-aging technology to bring patients the most effective therapies. Juvederm has become synonymous with dermal fillers. It has been around for years as an effective and safe way to treat the signs of aging.

Juvederm Ultra XC is a dermal filler that has been around since 2010 as a safe anti-aging therapy. To achieve a natural look, therapists recommend treatments that work naturally with your skin such as this one.

What is Juvederm Ultra XC?

The innovative formula in this popular dermal filler combines hyaluronic acid, water, and lidocaine. It is an FDA approved injectable gel that is used to correct fine lines and wrinkles of the face. It is also widely used as a lip injectable to create a fuller and plump look. The lidocaine in the formula allows patients to experience no pain at the injection sites.

The formula works under the skin to create volume from within. The gel also hydrates the dermis from the inside out for a healthier and younger complexion. It is a treatment designed for adults who are looking for a way to look younger without invasive and dangerous procedures.

What Can I Expect During the Procedure?

The first step is for the therapist to perform a comprehensive assessment to determine your best treatment plan. Once you are considered to be a good candidate for the therapy, you will be ready for your treatment session.

One of the great things about choosing Juvederm Ultra XC for your anti-aging plan is its gentle approach. Each injection requires little preparation and aftercare, making it a great solution for most people’s age-related concerns.

The session is commonly brief depending on how many areas you are treating. Most procedures are completed in less than 60 minutes, which is why so many people fit in the session during their lunch hour. Since you won’t experience any downtime or side effects, you can easily return to your day’s activities.

You can expect the therapist to prep your skin by using a gentle cleanser. You will likely not be given topical anesthesia since the injectable gel has lidocaine in its formula. The injection should not be painful, you may only feel a slight tingling sensation.

The therapist will provide you with aftercare instructions that remind you not to have overexposure to sunlight, alcohol, or excessive activity for the next 24 hours.

What Areas Can I Treat With Juvederm Ultra XC?

This dermal filler is commonly used to treat laugh lines on the side of your mouth. Other patients use this treatment for lip augmentation. Your physician will suggest other dermal fillers for concerns on other areas such as the eyes, forehead, and cheeks.

Our experienced therapists at Bodywise address all your concerns to design a customized plan that utilizes multiple therapies. We use a combination of modalities to provide you with a holistic anti-aging approach. Each patient is unique and requires a plan that is fully compatible with their needs.

What Results Can I Expect?

Juvederm Ultra XC provides you with long-term results that can last up to 12 months. Immediately following the session, you will see a noticeable difference in your skin. To maintain your desired results, it is recommended to do follow-up treatments.

Your licensed therapist at Bodywise will provide you with a suggested treatment plan customized to you. The results will be subtle retaining your natural appearance. You will look refreshed and rested as if you’ve had nothing done.

Choosing Your Juvederm Ultra XC Therapist

Once you determine you want to do something about your age-related concerns, it is important to choose a licensed therapist that has experience with dermal fillers. At Bodywise, our licensed practitioners have helped patients with various anti-therapies that involve dermal fillers and other therapies.

Our goal is to provide each patient with a customized plan that will help them achieve a youthful natural look. To learn more about Juvederm Ultra XC, contact Bodywise for a consultation